Letters are real-life testaments to the immense impact our activities have on individuals, and such an encouragement to us.

Simon writes…………. When I first met Pat & Pete in Leyhill it was such a joy, they made me feel so welcome and always listened to what concerns I had. Now that I am a free man it is wonderful to have people who are still willing to keep in touch. It’s always SO good to receive their messages of encouragement in the Lord!

Anthony writes……. Since first meeting Pat & Pete some 6 years ago they have always been willing to support me. They initially visited me in Leyhill, then took me on Home Leaves. They met me at the gate the day I was released and took me to my Hostel and spent the day with me. They helped me with clothing, bedding and some electrical goods and a mobile phone so we could keep in touch daily. I thank them with all of my heart that they are always there to help and are a huge blessing to me. Thank you, God.

Brian writes…. I am so happy to be able to express my gratitude to Pat & Pete (New Beginnings) for all the help and unconditional support you have given me since I meet up with you some 7 years ago in Leyhill prison. You have been there for me every step of the way through parole hearings, periods of pre-release ROTL’s (Release on temporary licence) and release to probation Hostel. Your support after my release was amazing, helping me settle on my own, then into my flat providing some of the things necessary for starting life again on the ‘outside’, You continue to support me and keep in contact and it is a valuable support knowing you are at the end of the phone and that I can meet up with you if necessary. Thank you again for everything you have done for me. GOD BLESS!