All new clients introduced to New Beginnings by one of their mates will have come from closed conditions and their new found freedom can often be hard to cope with. We are sometimes  asked what they have to do to get back to the safety net of closed conditions. A simple answer ‘Just walk through the gate’ But all they need is a gentle chat introducing them to all that goes on in Leyhill and maybe linking them up with one of the guys we already serve. We reassure them that within a couple of weeks they will feel quite settled, and the next time we see they’re fine.

We attend the prison on the first weekend of every month, visiting 2 prisoners on the Saturday and 2 more on the Sunday listening to their worries and concerns, but cheering them up with a few treats from the Canteen in the visit’s hall.  We have 3 other visitors working alongside us and others waiting for when we can increase the work, for which there is such a need, but at present we are restricted by lack of financial resources.


We work with 8 other small Charities under ‘Sixty-One’ a Charity set up about 6 years ago in Bristol. Mentor Me do similar work to us in Bristol Prison and run excellent training courses

We are also members of the South West Mentoring Alliance who meet for teaching and encouragement in Exeter 3 times a year.